Resistance Bands

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Many will argue “bands are just for women looking to build glutes,” or using them is “a waste of time.” We beg to differ.

One, guys need strong glutes too for optimal performance. Squats, deadlifts, cleans, sprinting, or any hip-dominant movement will require immense power and strength. Much of this involves the abductors, made up of the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Strong glutes = better lifts.

Second, the only reason using bands would be a waste of time is if you believe warming up before exercise or muscle activation is not essential – beginners especially, who also need to learn correct movement patterns and slowly progress in resistance. 

Resistance bands are one of the most useful gym tools out there – and for their super affordable price, they’re worth keeping on hand! Click here to purchase your own set.

Why Use Them

  1. Can’t afford a gym or don’t have access to one? Bands are, obviously, super convenient to use for at-home or outdoor workouts. Don’t underestimate their effectiveness when you keep the intensity high and rest times short. 
  2. Many will argue that using good form and proper loading in exercise is all you need. While these are both components that contribute to smart training, some individuals have a hard time “feeling” the correct muscles during weighted movements. This could be due to inactivity or weakness. Ultimately, there is no harm in using banded exercises to strengthen these areas when adequately programmed. 
  3. Having trouble keeping your knees in line with your hips, ankles, and toes during squatting or lunging movements? Looping a band just above the knees when performing bodyweight or light-loaded squats can help cue the individual to force their knees outward into the resistance. This goes back to the idea of strengthening your abductors, and also avoiding knee issues. 
  4. Of course, strength will only increase if you are using the proper amount of resistance relative to your strength. The advantage of having a set of these bands is the variety in resistance levels, allowing you to work your way up as you get stronger.

How to Use Them

Here are some sample exercise to get you started with banded body weight movements. If you are an experienced gym-goer, add these to your current warm-up routine for better performance and to thelp prevent injury. 

Lower Body

  • Lateral walking
  • Monster walk
  • Squat
  • Hip raise
  • Single-leg hip raise
  • Bridge hold
  • Donkey kicks
  • Lying hip abduction

Upper Body

  • Triceps extension
  • Single-arm bent-over row
  • Overhead raise
  • Plank shoulder reach
  • External shoulder rotation
  • Pull-aparts

RawLife Resistance Bands


When you need to level-up and fine-tune your training, resistance bands are your convenient and effective answer.

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