As the product owner for Raw Life Organics, I am responsible for building out the infrastructure that supports all of the different technologic initiatives you currently see, and will come to see in the future. 


I have been taking our Superfood Raw Green Juice Mix daily for four months now. In that time, I have noticed a significant impact. I wanted to share a little about my own health journey and the changes I have made in my life the last three years to help me get to where I am today. It plays a big role in why I joined the Raw Life team and my passion for building this brand to help other people transform their lives through natural health and wellness products. 

My Past

I’ve always been a big guy. From around the time I was five years old, the number on the scale continued to climb and quite literally never went down again. Around 2009, I weighed in at 420 pounds, wearing a 5XL t-shirt and a 62” waistline. I was not happy. 


Between 2009 and 2016, I yo-yoed my way through efforts to lose weight and never really saw a lasting impact. I’m sure you can relate – you begin to diet, you see some great results initially, and you might even keep the weight off for a few months. But inevitably, life happens, something stops you, and you find your weight creeping up again. 


Then in 2017, a very close friend of mine helped me completely change my life and suggested I go through with bariatric surgery. She had done the O-band, and it had helped her. Long story short, I went through with the bariatric sleeve on February 9th, 2017. It was the day that would completely change the direction and course of my life in so many ways.

The Transformed Me

Today, I am still a chunky guy, but boy have I transformed. From a health and wellness perspective, these are the things I have been able to accomplish:

Before Today
Yo-Yoed between 380 and 405lbs I fluctuate between 240 and 260 (eating and weight loss is still very much a daily struggle for me). 
Resting heart rate of 98 Resting heart rate of 58
High blood pressure and glucose level Normal blood pressure and low glucose levels
Was winded walking up a single flight of stairs
  • I run 5k jogs as warm-ups
  • I have completed three half marathons
  • At my peak, I frequent Orange Theory 4-5 times a week
  • Can sustain and burn 1000 calorie work outs
  • Can hold a 198 bpm sprint pace for close to a full minute when I am in full body range motion

These results came from a new found relentless pursuit of being in motion. After my surgery the one thing that was stressed was to get into motion and develop better lifestyle habits. The surgery wasn’t the solution, it was a new tool that I had access to. The choice to make better decisions was still on me. 

I started by finishing a mile. At first I didn’t care how long it took (30 minutes first few times around) and kept going until I could predictably measure improvements over time. One of the biggest de-motivators that people go through is thinking that they have to accomplish some great feat of physical endurance in any given period of time. Rather, simply putting your body into motion and learning to feel and sit with that motion is the best motivator you can ever come upon.

Pretty soon I was trekking 2 and 3 miles at a time – always gradually improving on the time it took me to finish (first time 3 miles took me an hour because I had to stop and go from the soreness in my legs). 

Fast forward to today, and I run six miles as a daily workout, I can complete HIIT workouts, and I am training this year to finish my first full marathon. The ultimate goal is to run an ultra (50 miles) in 24 hours.

My focus is now on recovery and overall well being. I’ve experienced injuries, and have had some setbacks – but the mental focus is there to be the best version of me possible, all the while doing the things that I enjoy and not feeling like something is a chore. 

The decision to go through with the surgery was definitely beneficial to my life. But since adding the green juice into my routine, my health has improved even more so.

    My Favorite Superfood Raw Benefits

    1.  Digestion and “Regularity”

    As a digital product guy, I come up with marketing terms for everything. So if I had to describe the top benefit of the Greens Juice mix for me, it would be “Daily One Scoop to Poop.”

    I distinctly notice the days that I do not drink the greens juice, I slowly begin to bloat back up. The greens mix contains probiotics as well as fiber, so it’s important for me to get my daily scoop of greens to keep me regular; and that in itself helps me perform at my optimum. 

    1.     Energy Boost

    I feel as though I’m operating with what I can best describe as robustness. Meaning, from the moment I wake up in the morning until I go to sleep at night, I have an immense amount of energy that I have available to me. This translates to increased performance at work, at the gym, in my personal life, and with myself. 

    If, for whatever reason, I don’t take the juice for a couple of days, the sluggish feeling begins to sync in, probably around the same time I start to feel bloated again.

    1. Convenience

    Arguably the best benefit of the green juice that I appreciate and love most is the sheer convenience of the entire process. 

    I used to juice like a maniac. Three times a week, I’d visit my local market, spend about $15-$20 in greens, and then about an hour prepping, juicing, and cleaning. It was painstaking, but I understood that the benefit far outweighed the hassle. Even after discovering that I was still consuming a ton of sugar, I rationalized that it was natural – and because on the road, it’s hard to find juice options without a lot of sugar.

    Fast forward to today, and it takes close to zero effort to ingest my daily servings of fruits and vegetables. It is quite literally the best 30 seconds of the day because of all the nutrients I am taking in at one go. Some days, I have two or even three juices and have zero clean up, zero impact to my schedule, and no added sugar.

    Why I Choose Raw Life Organics – Any Why You Should, Too

    I genuinely believe that the products we are producing (particularly the greens juice) are by far one of the best in the industry. And yes, that’s easy to say since I am a team member; however, before coming on board, I did a little bit of homework on my own and tried some similar greens products. And the best way I could describe the difference is this:

    Imagine you are looking at two copies of the same image, except one image is a cartoon sketch rendition of the image, while the other is a crisp and vibrant colored photograph. Now, there is nothing wrong with either – they are both great, but for me, the crisp photograph – Superfood Raw Greens in this case – is definitely the way to go. 

    I have no doubt you’ll notice the distinct differences and lasting effects that our formulations can bring to your every-day life. Raw Life Organics has empowered me to show up daily as a super high performer so that I can help create an experience and products that empower you, too.


    Superfood Raw Green Juice Mix


    Get Nature’s Most Powerful Superfoods in one scoop and 30 seconds a day without all the hassle and expenses of juicing. Now you can be confident that you are getting everything you need for optimal health!


    • Increase Overall Energy
    • Reduce / Eliminate Bloating
    • Support Gut Health
    • Empower Your Immunity

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