Who doesn’t want a healthy brain that continues to function and work smoothly under any kind of pressure or circumstances? You probably have come across several tips and tricks that include meditation, exercise, brain games, puzzles, and ample sleep to improve your cognitive function and overall focus. You may have also heard of eating walnuts or almonds to improve brain functions. What we have for you in-store is probably something you would least expect. Nonetheless, it does wonders to improve brain functionality.

Unfortunately, we are not endorsing a superpower here. However, this article will walk you down on how you can improve your cognitive function with increased intake of certain mushrooms in your daily diet and maintaining desired oxygenation levels in your blood.

Types of mushrooms that can improve brain function

Alzheimer’s, depression, inadequate sleep, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and many other conditions are all a result of poor brain functions.

Mushrooms are proven to be a medicinal element that can significantly boost brain performance, health, and reduce the risk of brain-related disorders such as those listed above. Mushrooms have a ton of other health benefits, but three, in particular, tend to stand out when it comes to improving brain functioning:

Lion’s Mane

These mushrooms can significantly impact the central nervous system while improving focus too, primarily because they contain properties that regulate neuropeptide nerve growth factor. It is proven to aid those with neuro-related disorders and may even reverse the damage it does. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are among the many brain disorders this mushroom can mitigate.


Reishi is a common element in the Asian culture, and cuisines and nutrition specialists are touting its benefits to improve brain health and balance our endocrine systems. Though these mushrooms are not the best when it comes to taste, their neuroprotective traits make them stand out. Hence, they would make a great addition to your diet. A neuropharmacology study indicated that consumption of Reishi mushrooms could boost moods almost instantly. Its ability to balance hormones can have a soothing impact on neurodegenerative diseases or times when you feel stressed or depressed.


Similar to the above, these mushrooms contain anti-inflammatory properties and may aid in the prevention of neuronal cells dying, which often leads to memory loss. They are more of a fungus than a mushroom but can also reduce stress levels, fatigue, and the negative impacts of it on your mind, body, and overall well being.

How oxygenation in your body can lead to improved cognitive function

Just as mushrooms are important for cognitive function, oxygen levels and brain function are directly related too. For your brain to function smoothly, a healthy and ample supply of oxygen is necessary. Ensuring that your home has fresh air is great for improving the oxygen quality. The air you breathe is a crucial factor to consider, and elements such as plants, salt lamps, and bamboo charcoal act as air purifiers, increasing oxygen levels naturally. The increase in oxygen and improved brain function is why experts recommend that you breathe deeply when under stress. This can reduce your overall stress level, effectively helping you relax. Meditation, thinking exercises, yoga, and walking work just as well to help you relax and prevent several brain disorders. Maintaining a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and ensuring you have proper nutrients in your diet is essential for positive cognitive functioning. Supplements containing nutrients, such as our RAW focus nootropics capsules, are a great and easy way to reduce anxiety, improve focus and cognition overall.