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Do you get enough greens? Skip them altogether? We tell you exactly what our Superfood Raw greens are and why you need them in your daily routine – no chopping or cooking required! 

Your mom, your doctor, and that annoying friend of yours who loves to eat healthy are all correct – missing out on greens may not feel like a big deal right now, but down the line, you may be wishing you’d eaten more.

This is not to fear monger, but to help lead you to the easiest way to change that – without juicing an entire produce department or replacing chips with spinach leaves. And that’s with our Superfood Raw greens powder [LINK:].

We always hear about how veggies have all these vitamins and minerals and superpowers to turn your health around – and it’s true. “Food is medicine” isn’t just an ear-pleasing piece of propaganda. It’s the truth thanks to vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are more powerful than you think.

And today, we’re going to cover one of our four blends that makes our Superfood Raw drink the best choice: our greens blend. This mix of green goodness contains seven ingredients: barley grass, wheatgrass, alfalfa grass, oat grass, stevia leaf, Aloe Vera, and red beet. All organic, all delicious, each purposefully picked and added into the mix.

Now before you hit us with the, “It tastes like dirt!” excuse, yes, you can get your money back if that proves right for you (we’re pretty confident it won’t, though). And we’re all about transparency here, so we’re going to do a deep-dive into each one, so you know what is truly going into your body:

Barley Grass – Filled with vitamins & minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. Its high vitamin C content means it will help with your immune system and with the growth and recovery of tissues.

And, did you know it has five times more iron than spinach? Most women are iron deficient too, which leads to fatigue and anemia.

Wheat Grass – Wheat grass is another popular superfood for its many suggested health effects. These include eliminating toxins, boosting both the immune and digestive systems, and reducing cholesterol — all the impact of straight wheatgrass shots here without the bitter, earthy aftertaste.

Alfalfa Grass – Alfalfa is not commonly consumed by the average person, but apparently we’re missing out. This plant is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, magnesium, and copper. The effects are said to be lowering cholesterol and keeping blood sugar in check, both common issues amongst our population.

Oat Grass – Comes from the same place as your oatmeal, but you probably didn’t know that oat grass is shown to help improve cognitive health [1]. It also contains a healthy dose of fiber, vitamin C, E, K, and A, folic acid, iron, and calcium. Get ready for a better-functioning immune system and healthy digestion (yes, that means less bloating!)

Stevia Leaf – Ah yes, the answer to our prayers: tastes like sugar without the calories. That said, it makes for an excellent substitute for enhancing the sweetness and not having an effect on blood sugar or insulin levels. It may be a helpful aid for losing weight and weight management, as well [2]. Although stevia can be quite strong, we’ve nailed down the right amount to avoid the strong aftertaste!

Aloe Vera – Now we all think of Aloe Vera as the stuff we apply to a sunburn, and not so much as a digestible, let alone beneficial, ingredient (and this shouldn’t need to be said, but no, you may not eat your Aloe Vera skin products…not the same thing!). Consuming Aloe Vera can help with hydration, constipation, liver function, and skin health.

Red Beet – Maybe you like and eat red beets on occasion, but they’re even better when consumed regularly. Your taste buds might not be a big fan, though. We disguise that well without skipping all the benefits: fiber, vitamin C, and nitrates for lowering blood pressure. Runners even swear that it can help boost athletic performance! The nitrates help you burn less energy and produce greater muscular force in high-intensity exercise [3].

Likely you don’t consume enough, if any, of these ingredients right now. And we’ve only offered a small taste of what makes this a complete greens drink to put your juicing efforts to shame. The benefits are unmatched, and the convenience is just a perk.

Stay tuned for our next “Blends Blog” on our sea vegetable blend!

For more details about the contents of our Superfood Raw drink, visit our Ingredients [LINK:] page!


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