We’re always looking for that magic pill that will make us stronger, faster, leaner, more powerful, and ready to conquer every workout. Unfortunately, science still hasn’t found the holy grail, but until it does, let’s stick with what it did find: micronutrients.


Micronutrients are one of the major nutrients in the human body and they include vitamins and minerals, which come from the food we eat and the soil the food was grown in. They exist in large numbers and have numerous functions such as protecting our bodies against oxidative damage and free radicals, boosting our immune system, improving our digestion, helping our bodies deal with stress, fighting anxiety and depression, improving focus and clarity, speeding up recovery, and so much more. Still, although we all know what it means to “count macros”, we never really stop to “count micros.” And that’s where we’re wrong.

We can eat the healthiest and cleanest foods in the world, but if we’re not paying attention to the micronutrient profile of our ingredients, we won’t be able to make use of any of it. Due to the state of our depleted soil, we can’t rely on diets our ancestors used to live by, and therefore we need to take the matters into our own hands and find the best way to learn what exactly are we ingesting. We’ve all heard the “Eat the rainbow” saying, and what it actually means is “Eat your micronutrients” as every vitamin and every mineral has a different color, with different functions and features.


  • The blues and purples are due primarily to their anthocyanin content, a group of antioxidants known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer benefits as well as treat a number of conditions
  • The red, orange, and yellow hues usually comes from lycopene (another powerful antioxidant) connected to lowering the risk of stroke; vitamin C, which is known to boost the immune system and help fight off disease; and Beta carotene that transforms into Vitamin A and is known for improving eyesight health (also called the vision vitamin)
  • The green color symbolizes the natural plant pigment chlorophyll, which helps the liver filter out and flush out toxins. Green foods are also full of antioxidants that protect the body from pathogens and bad bacteria, as well as lutein, another vitamin connected to eyesight health. 

Working Together

When these vitamins and minerals work in conjunction, they are our bodies’ natural, and most powerful protection against viruses, bacteria, pollution, and all other environmental attacks. On the other hand, they are also our best tool for improving all functions in our body and optimizing the health of our every cell. 

When our level of activity increases, our bodies need extra help in order to maintain a strong cardiovascular system and boost the oxygen and nutrient flow throughout our blood vessels, Micronutrients can help us boost our performance by reducing muscle fatigue and injuries, improving recovery time, keeping our immune system thriving, refueling our energy supplies, and balancing out our hormones. Since we know that it’s hard (almost impossible) to get all our micronutrients from food, smart supplementation is crucial, and finding products you’ll trust is your number one goal. Start with something easy and simple to digest, such as our Superfood raw Green Juice Powder and add it to your smoothie, acai bowl, vegetable stock (trust us on this), or even pesto, and enjoy all the superfood benefits without even thinking about it! After you master this step, you can go ahead and find other colors of the rainbow and explore ways to add them to your meals. It’s all about finding ways to turn new routines into habits. After all, the best diet you can ever implement is the one you can stick to.

Count your Micros

“Counting micros” should be on everyone’s 2020 New Year’s resolutions list, as macros can’t do much without them, and the more you pay attention to how much you’re getting in each day, the better you’ll be able to track your performance and reach your health and fitness goals.


Superfood Raw Green Juice Mix


Get Nature’s Most Powerful Superfoods in one scoop and 30 seconds a day without all the hassle and expenses of juicing. Now you can be confident that you are getting everything you need for optimal health!


  • Increase Overall Energy
  • Reduce / Eliminate Bloating
  • Support Gut Health
  • Empower Your Immunity

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