Stuck in quarantine and feel less productive? We have just the thing that might help you! Getting back in your fitness game may be a bit of a challenge, especially after spending so many weeks in a lockdown. If you’re a fitness or sports freak, we can understand how anxious you are to get back in the game. Just because you cannot make it to the gym, the studio, or playground does not mean you can’t stay in shape. If you have a constricted schedule but do not wish to compromise on your fitness, try these 10 bodyweight exercises. You can do these anywhere, with little to NO equipment at all, and get the same results you would get in the gym.

Bodyweight exercises use gravity and the weight of your body as a form of resistance relative to you using several weights and machines. Having equipment on hand is a bonus and helps you modify your basic exercises. Nonetheless, keeping up with your basics is a great way to start, increase heart rate levels, and burn excess fat while building muscles. You can get back to these basics when you do not have heavy materials such as bags or dumbbells. Try some of these exercises regularly, and you’ll get back in shape in no time.


Push-ups are great for upper-body exercises. Start by maintaining a plank position with hands apart at the width of your shoulders. Then, lower yourself to the floor without touching it and return to the starting position while keeping a straight back.


With arms as wide as shoulders, grab a bar and pull your body upwards forcefully till your chin is over the bar. Then, tighten your back and straighten your arms as you lower yourself.


Legs apart, hinge your hips and squat like you would when sitting on a chair. Return by pushing heels into the ground.

Jumping lunges

Bend a knee in front of you far enough to keep your back straight and while extending the other leg behind you. Make sure your foot is placed firmly. Jump in this position to land back in the same manner but with opposite legs.


Sit and spread your legs in front of you with hands on the side. Lift your body with your hands, and then lower yourself.


Begin with a quadruped position. Place your feet out closed, tucking toes into the ground. Support your body on your forearms underneath your shoulders. Do not touch the ground and maintain this position for as long as you can.


Stand, fall to the ground, do a push-up, come into a plank position, sit up, and immediately jump up in the air with arms up high. Repeat.

Jump Squats

Squat downwards and then jump as high as you possibly can, lifting your knees to chest.

Jumping jacks

Stand, jump with your legs, and hands extended outwards. Then, jump back together, inwards with arms and feet in synchronization.

High knees

Run over the same sport you are standing as fast, lifting your knees to your chest.

We’re sure these few exercises are enough to keep your body toned and fit regardless of where you may be!